Weight Watchers and Diabetes

I love weight watcher’s newest program. I’m finding people are having great success with weight loss and feel better about themselves as they are finding it much easier to stay on program than years past. There is one group of people that will need to be very careful: Diabetics!

One of my patients had come in to the office distressed because she had joined weight watchers and was eating on program but her glucoses kept going up and up and up. After doing a dietary recall with her, it turns out she was eating lots of items off their zero points food list without taking in to account the amount of carbohydrates she was consuming. Certain items, such as fruits for example, even on the zero point list CAN NOT be consumed in ginormous quantities by diabetics without having subsequent excursions beyond your targeted glucose range.

So the big point is that even the zeros in the zero point list can add up if you are not eating from the list responsibly! Stay on program, track even your zero point foods. You should be looking at your daily food log and mentally take in what you have consumed. What can you do better tomorrow? If you really find yourself on a zero point binge, make up for those extras by earning yourself some fit points for that day.