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Following bariatric surgery, it will be vital that you maintain appropriate supplementation. This will be particularly important if you underwent a Roux-en-Y bypass since this tends to have more post operative malabsorption.

Most bariatric centers will recommend either a liquid or chewable variation for at least the first 3-6 months. This is not only for better absorption, but they are usually best tolerated during the early post op months. You are going to want to choose a vitamin that is intended for bariatric patients such as Bariatric Fusion. These will be specially formulated for post operative bariatric patients and will decrease the number of tablets/capsules that you will need to take each day to meet your body’s needs. These are available in a capsule form as well. As with all supplements or medications, discuss them with your bariatric provider to determine which supplements are right for you.


The scale eventually stopped moving for me. I was still exercising a minimum of 3 days a week and trying to track my calories. Still craving sugar like crazy and giving in at times. The Holidays hit me hard and I found myself falling off the dietary wagon with a hard thud. It was time to try something new.

My younger sister was doing Atkins but I knew I was far too active to simply cut myself down to 20 carbohydrates a day. Instead I started by decreasing my carbohydrate intake to no more than 100 grams a day. This helped me to gradually ease into ketosis without feeling like I had suddenly been hit by the diet truck. I began cycling my carbohydrates based on my energy requirements for the day. Staying under 90 grams on exercise days and under 60 grams on non-exercise. Guess what? The scale finally started moving again and I eventually got down to 225 lb (102.2 Kg) for the first time in years.

Deep Ketosis btw, is one of the ways in which bariatric surgery works. Yes in the case of surgery you have a significantly smaller stomach, but you are actually kept in DEEP ketosis for months!


I found Thrive by Le-Vel when my Facebook feed started to periodically have postings from a person who was clearly in love with this product. I would frequently roll my eyes as I scrolled by her posts about having more energy, making it through her workouts more readily, sleeping better at night and even having increased mood.

I obtained a little 3 day “mini Thrive experience” package from her. I approached the product through my usual skepticism, but boy was I impressed! The best part is that this is not one of those ridiculous meal replacement systems. This is a nutritional supplement system that leaves you feeling great!

The downside is of course the cost. Thrive can be quite costly, but you can receive steep discounts if you refer people.

You can learn more about Thrive here: Le-Vel

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