Where to begin?

How do we reach our goals? Sometimes they can seem so far away and just thinking of the steps needed to get there becomes overwhelming.


When we allow that panic to set in, we allow our fears and doubts to take control. We begin to tell ourselves “I can’t” rather than “I can.” We start thinking about past failures, automatically allowing our negative self talk to set us up for failure yet again. Avoid negative self talk, trust me, you are listening and you will believe those words that pass through your mind!

Don’t linger on decisions that will bring you towards wellness. Have you been thinking of joining that gym down the street for several months now? Well guess what, you have been thinking about it for several months too long! Make a decision and commit. The time to act is now.

I truly believe people can return from the depths of self neglect and obesity no matter how far gone they believe themselves to be. You just need to work on it one step at a time. Don’t look up at the stair case, look down at the step your foot is on and move it forward one step at a time. Eventually you will not be so fixated on how far away the top of that stair case is, instead you will be looking behind you and feel amazed at how far you have come.

In the beginning…

…there was chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream, chips, cream horns and cake.

When did you reach your personal rock bottom? Perhaps you haven’t quite reached it yet, but can feel yourself spiraling downwards. Perhaps, if you are lucky, you have yet to experience this eye opening moment.

For me, this moment of realization occurred just after boarding my plane to Florida. I sat down in my seat and watched as the cabin crew went through their usual instructional routine. That’s when it happened. I found myself seriously struggling to close the clasp on my seat belt! I had some how allowed myself to gain so much weight that I’m now bordering on being a “customer of size.” How did this happen? Lucky for me, I suddenly had four and a half hours to contemplate that very question.

One reflection that struck me deeply is that I am a health care provider, making me a complete and total hypocrite. How can I possibly look my patients in the face and tell them they need to eat healthier foods, exercise more, lower stress levels and lose weight when I’m not actively pursuing such a lifestyle myself?

It’s time for a total make over! I don’t mean getting my hair and nails done while shopping for new clothes. I’m talking about total mind, body and spirit. I invite you to join me and share in what will no doubt be a very long, tumultuous journey of self discovery and perseverance as I learn to practice what I preach and move towards a state of total health & wellness.