The Persevering Practitioner

Wife, mother and nurse practitioner.

My usual day  begins with me walking and feeding the dogs, making sure all kids are up and ready for their day and then getting ready for work myself. Self care for me includes the usual hygiene routine, but it also includes eating breakfast and preparing a lunch that coincides with my dietary goals. Eating right throughout the day helps me to prepare for my evening.

Monday through Thursday I’m at the Dojo. This provides me with at least 50 minutes of rigorous exercise four times a week. At my size (a BMI well over 35) it isn’t easy, but I keep going week after week. Karate has saved my life.

Afterwards I go home. I spend the weekend catching up on “house” things and try to go to church every Sunday. Soon I will begin a Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Burning my candle not only at both ends, but some where in the middle as well.

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